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Today Egg Rate : On this website, we give information about what the price of eggs is going on today, at what price it is being sold in your city. Telling you the latest egg rates in major cities of the country including Delhi, Barwala, Ajmer, Namakkal etc.

TODAY EGG RATE 26 March 2023

ZONE / CITY Yesterday Today +/-
 Ahmedabad ₹463 ₹463 ₹0
 Ajmer ₹417 ₹417 ₹0
 Barwala ₹397 ₹397 ₹0
 Bengaluru ₹475 ₹475 ₹0
 Brahmapur ₹456 ₹456 ₹0
 Chennai ₹480 ₹480 ₹0
 Chittoor ₹473 ₹473 ₹0
 Delhi ₹421 ₹421 ₹0
 E.Godavari ₹436 ₹438 ₹0
Hospet ₹435 ₹435 ₹0
 Hyderabad ₹410 ₹410 ₹0
Jabalpur ₹447 ₹447 ₹0
Kolkata ₹507 ₹507 ₹0
 Ludhiana ₹407 ₹407 ₹0
 Mumbai ₹485 ₹485 ₹0
Mysuru ₹480 ₹480 ₹0
 Namakkal ₹450 ₹450 ₹0
 Pune ₹485 ₹485 ₹0
 Raipur ₹430 ₹430 ₹0
 Surat ₹475 ₹480 ₹0
Vijayawada ₹438 ₹438 ₹0
 Vizag ₹450 ₹450 ₹0
 W.Godavari ₹438 ₹438 ₹0
 Warangal ₹412 ₹412 ₹0
 Allahabad ₹467 ₹467 ₹0
 Bhopal ₹445 ₹445 ₹0
 Indore ₹440 ₹440 ₹0
 Kanpur ₹452 ₹452 ₹0
 Luknow ₹473 ₹473 ₹0
Muzaffurpur ₹482 ₹482 ₹0
Nagpur ₹450 ₹410 ₹0
Patna ₹480 ₹482 ₹0
Ranchi ₹481 ₹481 ₹0
 Varanasi ₹467 ₹467 ₹0

Other City Egg rates Today

If you consume eggs daily, then take a guess at how much it is being sold in your city. Today we are telling you about the latest price of eggs in major cities of the country including Delhi.

According to the website of the National Egg Coordination Committee, eggs are being sold at Rs 568per 100 eggs in Delhi today. Whereas in Barwala it is being sold at Rs 553 and in Ajmer it is being sold at Rs 560 per 100 eggs. Egg is being sold at Rs 555 in Namakkal, Rs 545 in Hyderabad, Rs 602 in Mumbai, Rs 611 in Kolkata, Rs 565 in Bangalore, Rs 575 in Chennai, Rs 595 per 100 eggs in Pune.


About Egg Production

Protein is essential for immunity and what can be a better source of protein than eggs. India is the third largest producer of eggs with a daily production of about 22 crore eggs. Eggs are eaten throughout the year in India because eggs are rich in nutrients. There is always a demand for eggs here.

today egg rate

China ranks first with a daily egg production of 130 crores, USA ranks second with a daily egg production of 28 crores and India comes at the third place which is growing at the rate of 8-10% per annum.

In terms of per capita consumption, India has 60 eggs, while the US and China have 290 and 300 eggs respectively. The egg market in India remains in full swing from September to June. A hen eats an average of 110 grams of grain daily during egg laying. Good quality chicken feed is available in the market up to Rs 22 per kg. Chickens lay eggs for 340 days out of 365 days in a year.

Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh and Telangana are leading in terms of egg production while Bihar, Bengal and Uttar Pradesh are considered as major egg consuming states.

About NECC

Presently egg prices are published daily by National Egg Coordination Committee (NECC). The recommended prices are published only for the reference and information of trade and industry.

The poultry industry in India faced an unusual series of crises in the early 1980s when selling prices fell below the cost of production. Due to this many poultry farmers suffered huge losses and most of the farms were closed.

This incident had shaken the poultry farm industury, such an atmosphere had developed in the country as if there was a famine of eggs. After that
dr. V. Rao ji, Ch. Again inspired the farmers.

He organized more than 300 meetings with farmers and traders across the country in which the price of eggs was discussed. His aim was to unite poultry farmers from all over India with the slogan “My egg my price”.

NECC was formally registered in May 1982 by Jagapati Rao. On May 14, 1982, the NECC began announcing egg prices. NECC has played a vital role in the betterment of the egg industry through its various programs such as price support operations, egg publicity campaigns and liaison with the government on important issues related to the industry.


What is the cost of 1 egg?

The cost of an egg is usually ₹5 to ₹6. The cost of an egg varies daily from city to city.

What is the price of 30 eggs?

There are 30 eggs in an egg tray, so if the rate of one egg is Rs.5, then the rate of one tray will be Rs.150.

What is egg rate today

The rate of egg keeps on changing every day, it is sold from Rs.4 to Rs.7. By visiting our website, you can see the price of eggs in each city daily.

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